Summer 2016: Visualizing Unusual Rotation Inside All Asset Classes.

Summer 2016: Visualizing Unusual Rotation Inside All Asset Classes. QAS TOP 100 ETFs HEATMAP. “The World at a Glance”   It appears that the summer of 2016 is shaping up to be more challenging than the summer of 2015. According to our research, the individual segments of all asset classes are currently undergoing significant rotation. […]

QAS US Small Cap 20 Index delivered +2.08% return in the first quarter of 2016

QAS US Small Cap 20 Index delivered +2.08% return in the first quarter of 2016, outperforming IWM (Russell 2000) by +406 bps (IWM return is -1.98%). Link to Report

ETF Strategist – It’s Time To Play!

Featured ETF: BJK – Market Vector Gaming ETF™ The main differentiating factor of any quantitative and rules-based investment selection process is its objectivity. It’s good for the investor because objectivity implies discipline, and therefore there is a chance that good performance can be repeated. QAS’ quantitative algorithm selected among others the Market Vector Gaming ETF […]

When Is The Right Time For A Niche Market Investment?

ETFs mentioned in this article: WisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend Fund™(DFE), First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy ETF™ ( FAN)   Looking back and analyzing serious equity market selloffs in the past, we can make the observation that they have typically unfolded in a “broad-based” manner (all market cap sizes and sectors). Investors expressed high levels […]

QAS launched new and improved version of the ETF Strategist Online services.

QAS ETF Strategist Online  QAS ETF Strategist Tool, New Feature – TOP 100 ETF HEAT MAP   We are pleased to introduce an improved version of our “ETF Strategist Online” platform, available immediately to our existing clients and new users. The new service offers an expanded database of ETFs, more actionable points of analysis, and […]

QAS Top 20 U.S. Large Cap Index delivered +9.6% return in 2015, outperforming S&P 500 by 830 Bps.

QAS Risk Signals At Work.     QAS research is driven by one fundamental principle – we define low risk as a market condition when multiple time frame positive momentum inputs begin to move in the same direction, and therefore – present the highest upside reward potential. QAS algorithm calculates risk levels on thousands of stocks […]

QAS Alert – Yen – Major Bottom In Place

Yen – Major Bottom In Place •The Yen (JPYUSD) appears to have a major bottom in place. •Upside potential is 100 (now 120). •Weekly data is positive and improving while Monthly data slowly improves. •Our work reflects market forces.  We cannot forecast what Japan’s central bank will do, but our work shows that the most […]

QAS Alert – Commodities Stabilizing Like It’s 2013

Commodities Stabilizing Like It’s 2013 •Commodities have improved to their most attractive since August 2013. •Specifically, the Difference Curve of Monthly Commodity Ratings (a Diffusion Index) has improved to neutral (zero) for the first time in two years. •That August 2013 improvement was followed by 11 months of flat to improving commodity prices (until July […]

US Equities Near Low of Expected Range

US Equities Near Low of Expected Range -US Equities are nearing the lower end of our expected range. -As stated in our July 7 Alert, our expected risk for S&P 500 is 10% from the high, or 1,917. -Daily data is quickly becoming Down-Extended and we will watch for signs of bottoming. -Because our long-term […]

QAS Alert – US Equities Turn Lower

Equities Turn Lower – US Equities Turn Lower. Least favorable equity conditions since 2011. – Risk is 10% off the high. – A few weeks ago it appeared that small caps were turning back up. We thought they might lead large caps higher. Instead the large caps have dragged the small caps down. – Because […]