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The Traffic Light Turns Yellow
By: Steve Malinsky | 13 Oct 2016


The Yellow traffic light is very important. It indicates a possible change from “GO” to “STOP”, and unlike the Green and Red lights, Yellow has a shorter life span. 


Summer 2016: Visualizing Unusual Rotation Inside All Asset Classes.
By: Steve Malinsky | 16 May 2016

It appears that the summer of 2016 is shaping up to be more challenging than the summer of 2015. According to our research, the individual segments of all asset classes are currently undergoing significant rotation. 


ETF Strategist - It’s Time To Play!
By: Steve Malinsky | 19 Feb 2016

The main differentiating factor of any quantitative and rules-based investment selection process is its objectivity. It’s good for the investor because objectivity implies discipline, and therefore there is a chance that good performance can be repeated.


When Is The Right Time For A Niche Market Investment?
By: Steve Malinsky | 05 Feb 2016

Looking back and analyzing serious equity market selloffs in the past, we can make the observation that they have typically unfolded in a “broad-based” manner (all market cap sizes and sectors). Investors expressed high levels of fear (and panic) and


QAS launched new and improved version of the ETF Strategist Online services.
By: Steve Malinsky | 25 Jan 2016

QAS ETF Strategist Online 

We are pleased to introduce an improved version of our “ETF Strategist Online” platform, available immediately to our existing clients and new users.


QAS Top 20 U.S. Large Cap Index delivered +9.6% return in 2015, outperforming S&P 500 by 830 Bps.
By: Steve Malinsky | 22 Jan 2016

QAS research is driven by one  fundamental principle – we define low risk as a market condition when multiple time frame positive momentum inputs begin to move in the same direction, and therefore – present the highest upside reward potential.

QAS algorithm calculates risk levels on thousands of stocks that are included in all major world indices. QAS Top 20 U.S. Large Cap Index includes stock components derived from..............


ETF Strategist - Smart and Smarter
By: Ted Theodore | 07 Jul 2015

While there is general research that is used to show a factor in good light, the facts are that there are better and worse times to be exposed to the factor.

In the early years of ETF growth (post 1999), there were not too many variations from a simple theme.  The first equity ETFs were just replications of large index baskets, particularly the S&P 500. Those large indices were, of course, calculated by just adding up the market value of each stock.  Thus the organization of them was “market weighted.”  And soon, those baskets were sliced into their component sectors, like energy or finance and they were also market weighted.  


ETF Strategist - ETFs for an Eagle Eye on the Economy.
By: Ted Theodore | 12 May 2015

A month ago the markets received a rude shock in the form of surprisingly low US employment growth for March.  And as if to add insult to injury, GDP statistics for the first quarter shriveled to close to zero.  During the winter months and on into February, asset prices sliced lower particularly for oil, interest rates and foreign currencies.


ETF Strategist - International REITs Score
By: Steve Malinsky | 28 Apr 2015

While US-based ETFs such as VNQ (Vanguard REIT ETF©) and RWR (SPDR Dow Jones REIT ETF©) continued to underperform since our ETF Strategist Tool captured significant deterioration in this particular segment that started between Apr 8 – 10, 2015, we also noticed that the“Ex-US” side of this segment representing international REIT companies and excluding US-based companies, has quickly emerged into the strongest leadership group during the same period.


ETF Strategist - REITs Changing Bias
By: Steve Malinsky | 14 Apr 2015

Conceptually, “a bias”, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a tendency or trend. However, when defining primary and secondary events, we would use another definition that describes “bias” as “the impulse” that’s causing the tendency and trend. 


ETF Strategist - Smarts Will Be Rewarded
By: Ted Theodore | 31 Mar 2015

Whether coincidentally or not, from the beginning of the Great Bond Bull Market in the fall of 1981, bank and financial services profits gained a greater and greater share of total profits.  Financial sector debt as a percent of all debt was fairly steady at around 10% until the early 80s.  


ETF Strategist - Dig We Must
By: Ted Theodore | 16 Mar 2015

Since the stock market low point six years ago, about $1 trillion more has been invested in US bond mutual funds than in US stock mutual funds.  Yet stocks have about tripled in value during this period.


ETF Strategist - Kiwis, Mortgages and Russian Bears.
By: Steve Malinsky | 06 Mar 2015

Global investing is like an adventure around the world: there is so much that can be learned. Different cultures, political regimes, economies, and most importantly, the people who drive those economies altogether make up the scope of our global investment interests. 


ETF Strategist - An Interview With An ETF Strategist
By: QAS | 27 Feb 2015

Recently, we sat down with David Morton to talk about what it means to be an ETF Strategist today. David has been utilizing ETFs for over 15 years in his business ventures, from AdvisorGuide, his advisor-focused subscription-based research shop (www.AdvisorGuideOnline.com, to two mutual funds (Global View Capital Management’s “Tactical Asset Allocation Fund” and Fortunatus Investments’ “Protactical New Opportunity Fund”) where he acts as both an ETF Strategist and a Portfolio Manager.



ETF Strategist - Along Came a Spider
By: Ted Theodore | 18 Feb 2015

As QAS rolls out its new ETF Strategist Tool, I am reminded of some of the history of the incredible growth of this investment vehicle and the people who played a role in this history.  


ETF Strategist - Navigating The World Of Country ETFs
By: Steve Malinsky | 11 Feb 2015

There is always a “bull” market somewhere around the world. Thanks to indexers and ETF providers, we now have a multitude of ETF instruments to gain exposure in dozens of countries’ stock markets. 


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