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QAS Alert - Improving Global Equity Outlook for 2015
By: Ken Tower | 26 Jan 2015


Our forecast for Global Equity Markets is Improving from Cautious to Up

Until now our 2015 outlook has been cautious based a deterioration of our measures of long-term Demand & Supply in many markets. This is now beginning to improve. At this point the improvement is fragile, but it appears that Demand is turning up (and Supply Down) in the following key markets:



•German IBEX DAX Index (DAX)
•DJ Europe STOXX 600 (SXXP)
•Netherlands Amsterdam Exchange Index (AEX)
•Sweden OMX Index (OMX)



•Hong Kong Hang Seng Index (HSI)
•Singapore Strait Times (FSSTI) & FTSE ST All Shares Index (FSTAS)
•This is in addition to the already positive long-term Demand/Supply characteristics in:
   –India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Turkey.


There is also potential for a similar improvement in the:
    –S&P 500 (Demand/Supply would improve somewhere around 2,150)
    –Japan’s TOPIX (Demand/Supply would improve somewhere around 1,430) and             NIKKEI 225


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QAS Alert - Improving Global Equity Outlook for 2015
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