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QAS Alert - Crude Oil Has Bottomed
By: Ken Tower | 27 Apr 2015


Crude Oil Has Bottomed

•In our February 9 Alert we highlighted early bottoming action in Crude Oil.

•Improvement has continued to follow the pattern of other important lows and it now appears that an important low is in place.
•The profile is similar to other important lows: early 2009, early 2002, and early 1999. 
•Our strategy now shifts from looking to sell strength to looking to add on weakness.
•Expected 12 month range is now 52 to 80 with the high end occurring near the end of that time period



Changing Macro Environment Update – Follow-up:

•We stand by our March 24 Alert that the US 30 year Yield shows signs of ending its move to lower yield and that  Copper shows important signs of bottoming.



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QAS Alert - Crude Oil Has Bottomed
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