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QAS Alert - Euro (EURUSD) Completes Major Low!
By: Ken Tower | 06 Sep 2016


Kenneth Tower, CEO & Chief Investment Strategist of Quantitative Analysis Service, Inc. (QAS) announced to clients on August 17th that the Euro (EURUSD) Completes Major Low!

QAS Alert - Euro (EURUSD) Completes Major Low! 

    *EURUSD likely to exceed May high.

    *Our Weekly data is turning back up after a consolidation of the rally in early 2016.         Timely to add.

    *Target 1.22 (Jan 2015 level). Long-term potential 1.34.

    *This is part of what we see as a large top in the US$ and is related to a major low        in Commodities and major macro shift in favor of commodities, commodity related        economies, and Emerging Market Equities & Bonds.

    *Gold began a new up cycle early this year and the US$ appears to be making a        major top.

    *Industrial metals also appear to be bottoming.

    *Contact us for information about specific commodities and currency pairs.

    *QAS Alert Follow-Up A$: ASDUSD remains very favorable. Target 0.93.

Please contact us for further information.

Best Wishes,

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CEO & Chief Investment Strategist
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QAS Alert - Euro (EURUSD) Completes Major Low!
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